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Accelerate Profitable Growth

We are obsessed with optimizing sales growth and profitability,

using unique insights about your customers and their value.

The Equinauts platform is founded on rigorous predictive analytics

and deep expertise in retail, ecommerce, and portfolio management.

  • Obtain a report card on how profitable your customers are and how they are trending

  • Understand the reasons that have led to your company’s current sales state

  • Discover the specific drivers of retention, churn, and growth in your customer’s lifecycle

  • Optimize the impact of budget spend

  • Analyze marketing program performance from a profitability perspective

  • Obtain actionable strategies for maximizing profitable customer behavior

  • Accurately predict future profitability by understanding the health of your customer file

  • Acquire profitability strategies to optimize your product portfolio

  • Receive a marketing blueprint to drive better Customer Lifetime Profitability™ (a more rigorous CLTV analysis) and to validate any investment spend

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